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Your children's safety is our top priority!



Leap'n Lizards Safety Information and Certifications

  • All of our bouncers have been licensed and inspected by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Division of Amusement Rides.
  • Leap'n Lizards is a fully insured Kentucky LLC.
  • Leap'n Lizards was the first in the state of Kentucky to achieve the A.I.S.O.C. Certification by http://www.sioto.org/    The highest certification an inflatable operator can have.
  • Leap'n Lizards has also completed the O.S.H.A. 30 Hour Training Course.
  • Leap'n Lizards provides the "Watch Dog System" on every inflatable.



WATCHDOG™ - A Safety Revolution in the Making!

The WATCHDOG™ blower siren is the future for safe operation of inflatable amusement rides. It is amazing that the inflatable industry has gone without any type of device for monitoring inflation. Now the wait is over! Safety Air Systems, LLC, has designed and patented an amazing device called WATCHDOG™ that will sound an alarm whenever the inflation of an inflatable is disrupted!

Common problems such as: extension cords coming undone, circuit breakers popping, mischievous individuals shutting down blowers, and plugs falling out of the socket will sound the alarm of a 120-decibel siren within seconds!

WATCHDOG™ will soon be the required standard that will make the inflatable business a safer and better-monitored industry for everyone.


As a member of S.I.O.T.O. I take it upon myself to conduct my business in such a manner as to promote the safety of each and every participant and operator or employee who may utilize my inflatable games for any reason.  I accept the creed of Safety Always and will endeavor to abide by this creed at all times when conducting my business.  I place safe operations above all else.

By belonging to S.I.O.T.O. I strive to obtain professionalism in the industry by continuing my efforts to consistently practice safe operations and educate myself in all aspects concerning inflatable operations and progressive safety measures as they evolve within the industry.

I understand the importance of maintaining insurance, keeping my equipment clean and in good repair, and educating my consumers in the safe practices required for the use of inflatable games.  At no time will I bypass any safety measures nor will I provide equipment that is unsafe in any manner.   

The importance of manufacturer guidelines, the CPSC bulletin and associations such as the CPSC, ASTM, NFPA and NEC are well understood by myself as are their contributions to safe inflatable operations.  I will provide only inflatable games that meet their standards and those which are designed for commercial use only.

I pledge a safe and enjoyable experience to each and every one of my customers!


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