Astronaut 15 Foot Waterslide

Aliens might be real! Elon Musk is sending us to Mars! We’re at the dawn of the new stage of the space age and this space-themed inflatable is all for it. This single-lane, 15 foot water slide is our most compact option, at only 27 feet long. Great for small or challenging yards as well as younger kids.

The slide features a soaker hose at the top of the slide, and we add a hose extension to connect to this that reaches about waist-high for you to connect to your water supply. The soaker hose keeps the slide surface cool and fast, and helps top up the pool through the event. This slide has several added safety features, including a fully netted in cover at the top of the slide, and high-traction surfaces at the entrance, exit, and stairs portion of the slide.

Rental Rate: $325 Plus Delivery and Tax. Overnight – Request This Item

Added Time: Overnight (any event ending after 8pm) $32.50 – Add A Day (Residential Only) $150.


Height: 15 Feet

Slide Platform Height: 9 Feet

Length: 27 Feet

Width: 13 Feet

Additional Photos

Astronaut Space 15 foot water slide
Astronaut 15 Foot Waterslide