Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Inflatable obstacle courses bring a lot of variety and uniqueness to any Northern Kentucky event. We have four obstacle course options to choose from, including our largest dry inflatable, the Fun Center, to our largest inflatable setup, the Mega Monster Obstacle Course and Waterslide.

All prices are before delivery and sales tax.

Monster Obstacle Course

$350 – RequestMore Info

Fun Center

$420 – RequestMore Info

Wacky Fun Center

Mega Monster Obstacle Course and Waterslide

$725 – RequestMore Info

Cincinnati Bengals 50′ Obstacle Course

$650 – RequestMore Info

H2Obstacle Course – Wet/Dry!

$435 Wet/$375 Dry – More Info

H2Obstacle Course northern ky inflatable wet/dry

Inflatable Obstacle Course Information

Obstacle courses feature a few common elements, including vertical and horizontal obstacles, slides, and tunnels. They are great options for large events like schools and vacation Bible schools since they have a high throughput of participants, and a natural flow of users in through the entrance and out the exit.

Our Fun Center is the better option for younger kids, while the Monster Obstacle Course is better for older kids and is one of the units we recommend for grad parties. Coming soon, our Cincinnati Bengals is an officially licensed inflatable once owned by the team. This 50 foot dry inflatable is perfect for watch parties or the super fan. If the above units don’t fit what you’re looking for but you still want an inflatable with obstacles, check out our Dino World combo, which features vertical and horizontal obstacles in the bouncing area, and can be used wet or dry.

Inflated obstacle courses are a great option for your northern KY party. From Walton to Wilder, Fort Thomas to Fort Mitchell, and many places in between and beyond, we have the event and party rentals to make your event shine.