Dino World 5-in-1 Wet/Dry Combo

Dino World wet/dry combo near Independence, KY

Kids love dinosaurs, and kids love bounce houses, which makes this basically the Reese’s Cup of inflatables. This is our largest combo inflatable, featuring a large bouncing area, horizontal and vertical obstacles, a basketball hoop, hill climb, and wet/dry slide.

Interior view of inflatable, from rear. Shows various vertical and horizontal obstacles as well as the interior basketball hoop.

Customer feedback has noted that when used with the waterslide, the main part of the bounce house gets very slick and young kids – under 5 years old – can have difficulty maintaining balance. Our Fun House, Spiderman, and Justice League inflatables have special non-slip vinyl that makes wet operation virtually a non-issue if this is a concern and you’d be interested in an alternative inflatable.

$300 Dry, $350 Wet, Plus Delivery and Tax. Request This Item


Height: 15 feet

Width: 19 feet

Depth: 20 feet