Northern KY Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

Leap’n Lizards has the biggest and best collection of inflatable water slides in Florence and the rest of Northern Kentucky! With 11 slides to choose from ranging from our 15 foot tall single lane slides to our gargantuan 25 foot tall dual lane, these statement makers will entertain for hours! For more water inflatable options, check out our wet/dry combo unit selection.

All prices are before delivery and tax.

Astronaut 15 Foot Waterslide

$350 – Request More Info

Astronaut Water Slide for Rent in Northern KY

Fiesta 19 Foot Waterslide

$450 – Request More Info

Monster Dual Lane 18 Foot Waterslide

$475 Request More Info

Monster Dual Lane Waterslide

Stalking Jaguar 19 Foot Waterslide

$450 RequestMore Info

Stalking Jaguar Waterslide

Fun 17 Foot Waterslide

$350 – RequestMore Info

California Dreams 19 Foot Wet/Dry Slide

$450 – RequestMore Info

California Dreams inflatable water slide near Burlington, KY

Dolphin 15 Foot Wet/Dry Slide

$350 – RequestMore Info

Bowser’s 15 Foot Waterslide

$350 – RequestMore Info

Bowser inflatable waterslide

On The Beach 20 Foot Dual Lane Wet/Dry Slide

$495 – RequestMore Info

Wild Wave 25 Foot Dual Lane Waterslide

$725 – RequestMore Info

Sunshine 18 Foot Wet/Dry Slide

$400 – RequestMore Info

Sunshine 18 Foot Wet/Dry Slide
Sunshine 18 Foot Wet/Dry Slide

Water Slide Information and Considerations

Waterslides need water to be waterslides, we do not provide water. Additionally water must be able to reach the inflatable. We do not provide hoses beyond what is required for an adult to reach a soaker hose or misting system connection. The pools of the water slides must be filled to the minimum required level before use, and in most cases the pool will require refilling to maintain the level of water periodically through an event. This will depend on the amount of use and size of users.

We recommend using the slide’s misting system or soaker hoses. Each slide comes with one or the other. Both provide a continuous stream of water to help the slide users go fast, as well as keep the slide liner cool on hot, sunny days.

There is a difference between misting systems and soaker hoses. Misting systems provide a much smaller volume of water to the slide. Soaker hoses have a much larger volume of water flowing through continuously. With soaker hoses, the volume of water may be enough that you will not need to refill the pool directly. This will not be the case with misters. We will provide guidance to the level of pressure to supply to your particular misting system or soaker hose, and it is never, ever full blast, and is in fact significantly less than full blast. Exceeding pressure guidance can result in damage to the mister or soaker that the renter will be liable for. Misting systems are on the Wild Wave and Monster Dual Lane Slides, the rest have soaker hoses.

All inflatables listed as “waterslides” do not have removable pools, while inflatables listed as “wet/dry slides” have removable pools and can be used as a dry slide. In certain instances we may consider renting a waterslide inflatable for dry usage at a rate comparable to our dry options. This is considered on a case by case basis and details of your event including location, setup area (grass, pavement, indoors, etc), attendees and age groups expected must be submitted for consideration.

Northern Kentucky’s Inflatable Waterslide Leader

No one in the Cincinnati area can match our water slide selection. We deliver throughout Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties, and can sometimes add trips a little further afield depending on our schedule. So from Florence to Bellevue, Burlington to Alexandria, we cool down your summer event with our awesome water slide rentals.