Wild Wave 25 Foot Tall Dual Lane Waterslide

(Note: This slide is being permanently retired June 15, 2024)

This behemoth will be talked about long after your party ends. Designed like a (giant) cresting wave and taller than the roof of most 2 story houses, the slide has two humps or waves in it for added excitement over straight slides. Climbers go up the middle lane to either side at the top, and plunge into the pool at the bottom.

Setup Notes: that this ride requires box truck drive-up access to the setup location. No steps, gates, steep inclines or declines, or other obstacles less the 10 feet apart between the street and setup area. Requires two blowers, on separate electric outlets within 100 feet of the setup area, or generator power.

Safety requirements must be strictly followed, including weight limits, feet first sliding, and never climbing over the netting. You’ll be traveling 15-20 mph into a pool 12 inches deep.

Rental Rate: $725 plus delivery and sales tax. Request This Item


Height: 25 feet

Length: 43 feet

Width: 17 feet

Maximum Capacity: 4 persons, 700lbs (Strictly limited to 175lb maximum per person)