Bowser’s 15 Foot Waterslide

Bowser inflatable waterslide

This compact single lane water slide would seem right at home in a video game’s boss’s birthday party, with some lava, castle, and spiked collar energy going on. The inflatable reaches 15 feet to the top of the curl, features a 9 foot platform height, a pool, and soaker hose to the top of the slide. At the top of the slide and climb is safety netting. This slide is available as a waterslide only.

Definitely named in honor of Leap’n Lizards owner’s childhood friend, a now Mr. Bowser, who loved Nintendo video games and spiked Hot Topic belts.

$350 Plus Delivery and Tax. Request This Item

Added Time: Overnight (any event ending after 8pm) $35 – Add A Day (Residential Only) $125.


Height: 15 Feet

Platform Height: 9 Feet

Length: 28 Feet

Width: 13 Feet

Bowser's Waterslide inflatable near Fort Wright, KY
Waterslides are a great way to cool off your Northern Kentucky Party, from Florence to Fort Wright, and Bellevue to Burlington.