Fun 17 Foot Wet/Dry Slide

Fun Waterslide Rental in Alexandria, KY

New in 2021, this 17 foot tall, single lane slide adds fun in a compact footprint, great for smaller yards, smaller humans, or smaller parties. For colder weather or events where water is not desired, the pool can be removed and hidden safety stoppers inflated, for a very compact, 20 foot long slide.

For waterslide usage, the slide has a soaker hose at the top of the slide in addition to the pool, keeping the slide fast and cool, as well as helping to top off the pool through the day. The soaker hose connection is easy to access off the side of the slide as well, reaching to only a couple feet off the ground.

This slide has many safety features including a non-slip surface at the entrance and exit as well as the climbing surface, and netting all around the top to keep kids from doing anything too dumb up there.

Rental Rate: Wet – $350, Dry $225, Plus Delivery and Tax. Request This Item

Added Time: Overnight (any event ending after 8pm) $35 – Add A Day (Residential Only) $125 Wet/$100 Dry.


Height: 17 feet

Slide Platform Height: 9 Feet

Length: 27 feet with pool, 20 feet without

Width: 15 feet

Additional Photos

Even on a dreary morning the bright colors still pop