Multi-Theme Fun Center

Wacky Fun Center

Our largest dry inflatable! This unit is great for young kids up to young teenagers, and is sort of an obstacle course twisted around itself. With a capacity of up to 8 kids at a time, this unit is great for larger parties. Additionally this unit has a natural flow of kids in and out, so for large events like at schools or festivals, this unit helps keep lines moving.

Below is a diagram of the Fun Center’s layout. First users enter the right side, climb up then go down a slide. After that there are a variety of obstacles to go through before entering a tunnel under the slide. In the front-middle area is a bouncing area. To exit that, there is another tunnel, more obstacles, then a second climb and slide out of the exit on the left.

Diagram of the interior layout of the Fun Center

The Fun Center also has an optional Pirates theme, with three panels of banners that can be added to the unit. This is a free add-on, just be sure to request this at time of booking.

This unit requires two blowers, which must be on separate electric circuits.

Rental Rate: $395 Plus Delivery and Tax. Request This Item


Height: 12 feet

Width: 26 feet

Depth: 21.5 feet

Requires two blowers