Monster Obstacle Course

Our Monster Obstacle Course is a dual lane, racing style obstacle course inflatable. This unit features six elements (portal entry, vertical obstacles, hill climb, slide, horizontal obstacles, and tunnel crawl to the exit) in a two lane design. Up to two users at time enter the course and race to the finish at the other end. Below is a video tour.

The Monster Obstacle Course is a great addition to large events due to it’s natural flow of people in and out, and the tendency of kids to race each other. This helps keeps lines moving quickly and reduces the level of impatience of waiting kids (and occasionally their parents.) This robust unit is also a good option for high school and graduate events, with a 200 lb per user weight limit.

Rental Rate: $350 Plus Delivery and Tax. Request This Item


Height: 12.5 Feet

Width: 11.5 Feet

Length: 33.5 Feet