Giant 4-in-1 Combo

Exterior view of the Giant 4-in-1

Our 4-in-1 Combo is the inflatable to pick for parties for older kids. This unit is 25% larger than most of our other combos (typically around 16×16 feet) with a basketball hoop, high roof, robust heavy duty construction, and higher than normal slide height of 7 feet. If your teen or recent grad wants a bounce house for their party, this is the one to get.

Due to the height of the entrance and slide exit, this unit is not recommended for kids under 4. This is a dry-only bounce house requiring a single blower.

$325 Plus Delivery and Tax. Request This Item


Height: 14.5 feet

Width: 16 feet

Depth: 20 feet (with step, 22 feet)

Additional Photos

The Giant 4-in-1 near Morning View, KY
This large inflatable is great for teens and even adults
Interior View

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