Purple Thunder and Rain Wet/Dry Combo

Purple Thunder and Rain wet/dry combo for rent in Northern Kentucy

New in 2022 is our Purple Thunder and Rain Wet/Dry Combo. This combo is perfect for young kids up to about middle school age, and features popup obstacles and a basketball hoop inside the bouncing area, and a dual lane wet/dry slide exiting the side.

Rental Rate: $250 Dry/$295 Wet, Plus Delivery and Tax. Request This Item


Height: 15 feet

Length: 31 feet

Depth: 13 feet

Capacity: 6 kids, 150 lbs per person

Additional Photos

Interior of Purple Thunder and Rain at rental in Highland Heights, KY
Interior View From Entrance. Bouncing area features a couple “pop-up” obstacles and basketball hoop
Slide view of combo in Highland Heights Kentucky
Interior view looking towards dual-lane slide. Entrance is to the left out of view in photo.