The safety of your children and guests are our top priority at Leap’n Lizards. We have safely operated an inflatable business for over a decade, and take pride in our safety record. We take a number of steps to ensure your safety, from securely staking inflatables outside, use of impact mats, and coning off stakes, power cords, and other trip or fall hazards.

Our inflatables are inspected before and after each event for proper installation, damage, and any other issues.

In the wake of Covid-19, cleanliness is more important than ever. We have always taken care to clean and disinfect our inflatables and have continued our diligence through the pandemic. Safe operation covers many aspects of our operation, including clean and safe surfaces for our users.

Unfortunately weather is one of the biggest risk factors for safe operation of an inflatable. This means we will not deliver or operate in cases of high winds (15-20 mph depending on the unit), thunderstorms, or cold weather (30-40F depending on the inflatable).