Unicorn FunZone Wet/Dry Combo

Unicorn FunZone Wet Dry Combo - Northern KY inflatable rental

This majestic inflatable looks like someone spilled an industrial-sized vat of magic potion concentrate on a 90’s era Lisa Frank binder. Rainbows, shooting stars, and not one, but two unicorns grace this sensory overload of an inflatable that has glitter embedded in the vinyl. Featuring a bouncing area, basketball hoop, hill climb and a wet/dry slide on the back side of this inflatable, this combo will lift any party to mythical status.

Couple notes on this one – there is no roof over the bouncing area so on hot sunny days the jumping surface can get uncomfortably hot if not in the shade. Having the waterslide setup will help keep temperatures cooler. We can make a change pretty easily between wet or dry setup if the weather forecast calls for a change to your initial order – just contact us a day or two before your event.

$295 Dry, $350 Wet, Plus Delivery and Tax. Request This Item


Height: 14 feet

Width: 18.5 feet

Depth: 16 feet