Oasis 15 Foot Wet/Dry Slide

New in 2024 is the Oasis 15 Foot Wet/Dry Slide. This single lane slide features a desert oasis theme with desert sand coloring and a couple palm trees making it a great choice to cool down on those blistering hot summer days. It features a removable deep pool so that the slide can be used as a waterslide or a dry slide. The top of the slide reaches 15 feet with the slide platform at 9 feet, and is 28 … Continue reading “Oasis 15 Foot Wet/Dry Slide”

Mystic Mountain 18 Foot Dual Lane Dry Slide

The Mystic Mountain 18 Foot Dual Lane Slide is another 2022 addition to our selection. This dry slide is great for larger events – we always recommend slides or obstacle courses for larger events since they get kids on and off inflatables in pretty quick fashion, keeping lines moving. This inflatable features a center climbing lane leading to the top platform where kids can slide down either side. The lanes are separated and enclosed so that kids will not cross … Continue reading “Mystic Mountain 18 Foot Dual Lane Dry Slide”

Sunshine 18 Foot Wet/Dry Slide

The Sunshine slide is one of the most eye-catching inflatables we have. Featuring a collection of palm trees and a sun wearing sunglasses, this single lane slide has been a huge hit ever since we acquired it in the Summer of 2022. The slide is 18 feet tall to the tip of the rays, 31 feet long with the pool, and 12 feet wide. The sliding platform is approximately 10 feet up. The stairs are on the left and slide … Continue reading “Sunshine 18 Foot Wet/Dry Slide”

Wacky 18 Foot Dry Slide

This dry slide features a 48-degree incline on the sliding surface, exactly the same as the angle of conventional hard slides.  With a slick surface this slide will entertain for hours. Slides are a great option for larger events like school events and festivals. Slides, like obstacle courses, have a natural flow of people in and out of the unit, with a short but fun ride for guests. This helps keep the lines moving and waits shorter than with, for … Continue reading “Wacky 18 Foot Dry Slide”

Giant 4-in-1 Combo

Our 4-in-1 Combo is the inflatable to pick for parties for older kids. This unit is 25% larger than most of our other combos (typically around 16×16 feet) with a basketball hoop, high roof, robust heavy duty construction, and higher than normal slide height of 7 feet. If your teen or recent grad wants a bounce house for their party, this is the one to get. Due to the height of the entrance and slide exit, this unit is not … Continue reading “Giant 4-in-1 Combo”

Fun House 6-in-1 Wet/Dry Combo

The Fun House 6-in-1 is a recent addition to our fleet that has quickly become one of our top renters. This wet/dry combo is essentially identical in layout to our very popular Spiderman and Justice League combos, with a basketball hoop and pop-up obstacles in the bouncing area, and a climbing area and wet/dry slide exiting the unit. This unit is also one of our shorter inflatables at just 12 feet tall. $295 Dry, $350 Wet, Plus Delivery and Tax. … Continue reading “Fun House 6-in-1 Wet/Dry Combo”

Medieval Castle 5-in-1

The Medieval Castle 5-in-1 features a blue and grey stone castle design with a knight on one pillar and princess on the other. Inside is a large bouncing area with a basketball hoop, a climbing area, and dry slide to the outside. Also outside is another basketball hoop. The Medieval Castle is identical in layout to the old Multi-Theme 5-in-1 Castle for our returning customers, and very similar to the newer replacement 5-in-1 we received in 2021. $295 Plus Delivery … Continue reading “Medieval Castle 5-in-1”

Disney Princess 4-in-1

This combo unit is officially licensed with Disney unlike many princess bounce houses on the market today. This bounce house features a bouncing area, climbing area, wet or dry slide, and basketball hoop. This bounce house will be a huge hit with your little princess. Featuring beloved characters like Snow White, Cinderella and her castle, Tiana, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine and more. This inflatable can be used wet or dry. the waterslide setup uses a misting hose, and splash pad at … Continue reading “Disney Princess 4-in-1”

Dino World 5-in-1 Wet/Dry Combo

Kids love dinosaurs, and kids love bounce houses, which makes this basically the Reese’s Cup of inflatables. This is our largest combo inflatable, featuring a large bouncing area, horizontal and vertical obstacles, a basketball hoop, hill climb, and wet/dry slide. Customer feedback has noted that when used with the waterslide, the main part of the bounce house gets very slick and young kids – under 5 years old – can have difficulty maintaining balance. Our Fun House, Spiderman, and Justice … Continue reading “Dino World 5-in-1 Wet/Dry Combo”

Spiderman 6-in-1 Wet/Dry Combo

Officially licensed Spiderman 6-in-1! This bounce house features a bouncing area, climbing area, a wet or dry slide, pop-up obstacles, and basketball hoop. This inflatable can be used wet or dry, and is designed for kids up to high school age. $295 Dry, $350 Wet, Plus Delivery and Tax. Request This Item Dimensions Height: 14 feet Width: 16 feet Depth: 16 feet without pool, 24 feet with pool